August Posting 2019: Lining Up Your Linens

  There is no shortage of misinformation on the internet when it comes to linens.  We have witnessed many disappointments, and offer some simple tips to help you get the look that         you like! 

  1. Size.  For the nicest overall appearance, consider doing a “full-drop” linen, which will just kiss the floor on all sides.  For cocktail tables, both a full-drop (120 inches round) and the       next larger size are beautiful.  The advantage to going slightly larger is that the gather on       the ground will help keep your linens from blowing away in outdoor settings. 

  2. Count.  Be sure to count all of your tables for linens—don’t miss the ones that you’ll be using for food service, beverage service, gifts, DJ, desserts, etc. 
  3. Color.  Especially for larger receptions, consider changing up the tone of your color palette a bit.  Dressing your round tables in a lighter tone than your banquet tables for example, will deliver a more rich and dynamic feel without growing your budget. 
  4. Wrinkles.  Steaming is definitively less work and time than ironing.  Renting pre-pressed linens will save you the most time.  Pre-pressed linens still have creases, but creases say          “clean,” while wrinkles say “sloppy.” 

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