An image of our farm wedding venues in Snohomish County, WA

WEDDINGS at the farm

An image of our farm wedding venues in Snohomish County, WA

Farm Wedding Venues in Snohomish County, WA

Farm Wedding Venue Rentals in Snohomish County at Marionfield run from late April through early October, and Include the Following

Generous Rental Hours

9AM - 11PM on the event day

1-hour rehearsal the Thursday evening preceding your wedding

Seating, Dining, Music & More

Chairs (black & chocolate wood)

(22) Round tables

(50) Rectangular tables

(12) Cocktail tables

Complete sound system with wireless microphone, and ready for digital content, DJ, or live band

A variety of seating & dining layouts are provided to assist with the planning of your event

Handheld umbrellas will be made available for rainy days

The venue provides a backdrop of elegant lighting options, tailorable to a variety of scenes for your event  

Glass beverage dispensers, galvanized metal ice tubs, refrigerators

(4) Retired wine barrels, (2) wood accent farm tables, and other misc. pieces

Decorative table chargers in metallic rose and silver

Custom wood flower-stand centerpieces 

Food & Beverage

Marionfield offers an elegant food set-out space plus a formal bar / beverage space.  Catering and bar tending services must be selected from our extensive pre-approved list.  Wine, champagne, and beer service are permitted with licensed bar tender.  General and Liquor Liability insurance are required from the caterer & bar tender.  

Staff Support

Depending on event size, Marionfield provides 2-3 staff support for table & chair placement throughout the event, parking assistance, lighting, way finding, maintenance of garbage receptacles, and final break-down & clean-up at the end of the event.  The wedding party provides all services and consumables associated with food & beverages, decorating, table setting, music content, and pack-out.  Disposal of bagged garbage and recyclables is provided by the venue.   

Getting Ready

Marionfield has preparation spaces for the bride and groom to get ready, thoughtfully situated for comfort and seclusion, with perfect adjacencies to the main venue areas & viewing of guest arrivals.   

Pricing & Payment

Our 2021/2022 calendar rental fee is $4,900.  Marionfield has no premiums, added fees, or tack-on charges for anything.  Starting in 2021, Marionfield will offer discounted packages for small-sized events (100 guests or less) hosted on Mon/Tues/Wed.  Please inquire for information regarding deposits, booking availability, and insurance requirements.  

​*To keep our hay field and neighboring farms safe, smoking and fireworks are not permitted anywhere on the premises.  

*Unless special arrangements have been made, pets are not allowed at the venue.

*All visits to the venue are by appointment only.